Carl Buell interview

DarkSyde at Unscrewing the Inscrutable has done an interview with paleo-artist Carl Buell, which has some of Buell's great illustrations, along with his experiences as an illustrator. A quote:

[T]he bones don't exist in a vacuum. Even if you don't have a full skeleton (you seldom do and the farther back you go in geologic time the less likely it becomes), you have animals living today that are either your subjects descendants, relatives or ecological equivalents. Missing bones can then be scaled and fit in with adjustments made for relative size and mass. After all these years, I also have enough contacts that if I don't personally know an expert on a certain creature, I know someone who does. It's always wonderful to have advice from the people whose lives are in the fossils.

Some great pictures of Ambulocetus, along with a couple of hominids and a tribute to Jay Matternes.

(via Common Roots)