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Slow cooking Neandertal subsistence

6 minute read

During the past couple of years, new evidence has really shifted our view of Neandertal diet. Even three years ago, it was not unusual to hear Neandertals de...

Digestive evanescence

less than 1 minute read

Also in The Guardian, “Strange but true: science’s most improbable research” includes some taphonomy:

Warp and woof

1 minute read

James Gorman stirs the pot on dog domestication, by comparing the new review article by Greger Larson and colleagues Larson:dog:2012 with Pat Shipman’s Ameri...

Probing bones

less than 1 minute read

John Travis gives a conference summary (paywall) of the recent International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology. The focus is new technological approaches...