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Writing more accessibly is the watchword

less than 1 minute read

Rachel Toor writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education in favor of academics finding a more polished approach to their prose: “Becoming a stylish writer”.

One way to make better science writing

less than 1 minute read

Alison Flood in the Guardian notes the scientific interests of celebrated novelist Cormac McCarthy: “Cormac McCarthy’s parallel career revealed as a scienti...

McPhee on writing about science

2 minute read

The Paris Review has a long interview with writer John McPhee (“The Art of Nonfiction No. 3, John McPhee”). I like the writer interviews they have, and it is...

Quote: Ellison on posthumous work

1 minute read

Writer Harlan Ellison has been saying goodbye to fans, according to the Madison independent paper, Isthmus. The interview is interesting, including this part...

LeGuin interview

less than 1 minute read

Claire Evans interviews author Ursula K. LeGuin. It’s mostly about LeGuin’s outspoken opposition to the Google copyright grab:

Write with a knife

less than 1 minute read

It’s that time of year again, when students all over the country are facing their first writing assignment. I always encourage a bloggy style – concise, jour...

Writing upward

less than 1 minute read

Since I’ve already contributed to bellyaching about student writing assignments, it’s only fair to point to a Wired article that says students are getting b...

Teaching writing

less than 1 minute read

College classes are starting around the country, but writing assignments haven’t been submitted yet. Time to brace yourself – Stanley Fish blogs about what c...

Does your Style have the right Elements?

1 minute read

I didn’t notice myself, but a number of writers have been pointing out the fiftieth anniversary of a familiar classic, Strunk and White’s The Elements of Sty...

Graduate students and blogging

6 minute read

I’ve received a tremendous response to my essay earlier this week, the first part of my series on blogging and tenure. I wanted to thank everyone for their c...