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Dog domestication complexity

1 minute read

Ewen Callaway covers the active area of dog domestication research in a new Nature News article (“Dog genetics spur scientific spat”) Callaway:dog:2013.

Mailbag: Dogs in Chauvet

1 minute read

Love your blog, which I stumbled across while googling for more detail on the wolf tracks in Chauvet Cave. Have been fascinated by this stuff since 1st grad...

Wolves in coyotes' clothing

1 minute read

Razib’s post on the genetics of canids (“A map of charismatic canid genomic variation”) does a nice summary of a recent paper in Genome Research, by vonHoldt...

Mailbag: Coyote attacks

less than 1 minute read

Sorry to interrupt the 'all Anthropoid all the time' theme going on lately but I want to get back to a subject we've discussed before (well kind of).


1 minute read

Another case of large mammal evolution by introgressive hybridization: