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Open 3-d archive of Kromdraai

3 minute read

A new paper in the Journal of Human Evolution by Matthew Skinner and colleagues Skinner:Kromdraai:2013 announces the new availability of an open archive of m...

The great world CT-scanning tour

2 minute read

The international version of Der Spiegel is running an English-language profile of the traveling CT-scan project from Jean-Jacques Hublin and the Max-Planck ...

Malapa conversation on NPR

1 minute read

The “Science Friday” NPR show with Ira Flatow did an interview with Lee Berger and Bernard Wood yesterday about Australopithecus sediba. The transcript is no...

Synchotron illustration

less than 1 minute read

In the supplement of Kristian Carlson and colleagues’ paper on the MH1 endocast Carlson:Malapa:2011, there’s a nice comparison of the medical CT versus synch...

Malapa synchotronic

1 minute read

More on the scanning of the MH1 skull in this press release: “First studies of fossil of new human ancestor take place at the European Synchrotron”

The trouble about Kenyanthropus and Ardi

4 minute read

There are three skulls from putative “hominins” that date to 3.5 million years or earlier. Every one of these skulls is known now from extensive reconstructi...

Mailbag: Ardipithecus

1 minute read

thanks for your pellucid ardipithecus blognote--it was enormously helpful in digesting the reports.

CT chimpanzee project

less than 1 minute read

From earlier this summer, good news on the CT-scan data front:

Fossil access editorial

5 minute read

The editors of Scientific American offer arguments for greater data and public access to fossils in their current (September 2009) issue: “Fossils for All: S...

Lucy scans

less than 1 minute read

Reuters has a little story about CT scans of Lucy, done at the University of Texas by John Kappelman and colleagues:

NSF and data access

17 minute read

Mark Weiss from NSF appeared at the AAPA business meeting to discuss recent changes in the funding guidelines from the Physical Anthropology program. The mo...