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Link: Archaeology of nonhuman tool use

less than 1 minute read

Scientific American is previewing an article by Michael Haslam from their March issue, “The Other Tool Users”. The article focuses on the use of archaeologic...

Incidental capuchin flake manufacture

1 minute read

This is a nice article by Ed Yong about Michael Haslam’s research documenting how capuchin monkeys incidentally make stone flakes as a side effect of their n...

Primate extractive foraging and tool use

4 minute read

An important difference among some primate species is their ability to get foods that are hidden or protected by natural defenses. A little cleverness may yi...

Chimpanzee mating tools

2 minute read

John Tierney riffs on a short review paper by William McGrew, a brief tour of chimpanzee technology. In a pool of academese, he finds a salacious bubble:

Army ant chimpanzee toolkits

less than 1 minute read

A nice story about Crickette Sanz’ and David Morgan’s work with chimpanzees of the Goualango Triangle, and the tools they use to forage for army ants:

Monkeys pick rocks

less than 1 minute read

The NY Times reports on Elisabetta Visalberghi and colleages’ work demonstrating that capuchin monkeys pick the right size rock for nutcracking: