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Hominin species and time in peer review

14 minute read

In 2015, two new hominin species were published: Australopithecus deyiremeda and Homo naledi. One of the criticisms I’ve seen of both discoveries is the idea...

Tim White featured on Science Friday

less than 1 minute read

Last week, Science Friday posted a great video interview with paleoanthropologist Tim White. The interview is part of their “Desktop Diaries” series, in whic...

Evolution road show

2 minute read

Don Prothero and Jerry Coyne are evolutionary biologists, who appeared recently in the BBC film, “Conspiracy road trip: creationism”. The film followed a gro...

White on books

1 minute read

The Browser has up an interview with paleoanthropologist Tim White, focused around his choice of five books to recommend: (“Tim White on prehistoric man”). A...

Mooning hominins

1 minute read

Gretchen sends this link: MSNBC has a list of “Eight Great American Discoveries in Science”.

Ardipithecus backlash begins

1 minute read

John Noble Wilford reports in the NY Times on today’s technical comments that challenge various aspects of the interpretation of Ardipithecus.

Tim Time

less than 1 minute read

Time magazine has named paleoanthropologist Tim White as one of its 2010 top 100 influential people. Sean B. Carroll provides a short profile of White’s rece...

Lomekwi muckraking

1 minute read

Michael Balter asks a question I’ve hit here a few times: “What ever happened to Kenyanthropus platyops?”

Ardipithecus FAQ

24 minute read

Today is Ardipithecus day. Eleven papers in tomorrow’s issue of Science describe the research on one exceptional skeleton (numbered ARA-VP-6/500, nicknamed “...