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Evidence of hunting at Olduvai Gorge

1 minute read

My University of Wisconsin colleague Henry Bunn got some press this weekend for his presentation at the European Society for Human Evolution meeting: “Humans...

African Homo erectus

less than 1 minute read

This station includes several casts of early fossil Homo erectus, from the Early Pleistocene of Africa. These include:

The Laetoli footprints

1 minute read

The most striking piece of evidence for bipedality in our earliest hominin relatives is a series of footprint trails at Laetoli, a fossil-bearing site in Tan...

Nutcracker Man debunked

5 minute read

This week, Thure Cerling and colleagues report in PNAS (2011) carbon stable isotope data from 24 specimens of Australopithecus boisei. This is a huge sample ...

Papyrus and A. boisei

3 minute read

I’ve had on my stack for quite a long time, a short paper by Nicholas van der Merwe and colleagues, assessing the stable carbon isotope ratios in several spe...