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Link: Swartkrans site formation

less than 1 minute read

Travis Pickering and colleagues have a paper presenting new teeth from Swartkrans, which they attribute to Paranthropus robustus: “New early Pleistocene homi...

Photo: SK 15

1 minute read

This is SK 15, a lower jaw from Swartkrans, South Africa. Most scientists today attribute it to Homo erectus, but when Robert Broom and John Robinson found i...

Photo: Swartkrans looking out

less than 1 minute read

I’m in South Africa this month doing some work, so I haven’t had time to post quite as often as usual. In the meantime, I will share a few photos as I go. Mo...

Aging juvenile fossil hominins

1 minute read

The fossil record is not made up only of adults. We have abundant skeletal evidence from juvenile individuals of a broad range of ages. At this station you w...

Meet Australopithecus robustus

2 minute read

The region just north of Johannesburg, South Africa, is a formation of ancient limestone in which groundwater has formed numerous caves and sinkholes. Some o...

Mailbag: Fire starters

1 minute read

Regarding the use of fire, Ive always been intrigued by how early Homo was able to continue its trek northward (ex. Dmanisi) without it. It would seem that a...

Shrinking erectus

6 minute read

Ann Gibbons reports on the AAPA meetings with a story about all the Homo erectus pelvis and stature papers (“Human ancestor caught in the midst of a makeover...

Snapshots of the science

7 minute read

The new Human Origins hall at the American Museum is the occasion for a big Newsweek story, with the tagline, "The New Science of Human Evolution". Author S...

Robust australopithecine diet ablated

6 minute read

Sponheimer and colleagues (2006, link) zapped some Swartkrans teeth with lasers to measure their 13C content. I wrote quite a bit here last year about austr...

Mata Menge stone tools

8 minute read

Adam Brumm and colleagues (2006) describe the stone artifacts from the Mata Menge archaeological site on Flores. This site is one of several described by Mo...

The Ultimate Survivor!

6 minute read

OK, I was drawn in by the first few minutes, so I'm liveblogging the National Geographic show, "The Ultimate Survivor."

Age of hominids from Sterkfontein

7 minute read

A recent spate of articles has carried on a debate about the age of the Sterkfontein hominids. Sterkfontein is a complicated site, including several distinc...

Chemistry and early hominid diets

17 minute read

The chemical analysis of bones to interpret diet rests on the observation that different foods vary in the composition of different chemical elements or iso...