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Stone tools now 3.3 million years old

2 minute read

Sonia Harmand presented a talk at the Paleoanthropology Society meeting this week describing her team’s discovery of stone tools in a 3.3-million-year-old co...

Link: Prep for paleo cuisine

less than 1 minute read

Kristina Killgrove describes a great exercise in which she has her students prepare a whole dinner using only stone tools: “Hominin Iron Chef”.

Link: A visit to Ethiopian paleoanthropology

1 minute read

I’m frankly amazed I didn’t link to this Nautilus article when it came out last year: “Digging Through the World’s Oldest Graveyard”. In it, Amy Maxmen trave...

Palming Homo erectus

1 minute read

New Scientist reports on Carol Ward’s presentation at the AAPA meetings, describing a new metacarpal of Homo erectus from West Turkana: “Stone tools helped s...

Behavior of the first North African humans

2 minute read

Mohamed Sahnouni and colleagues describe the archaeology of El-Kherba, Algeria. Sahnouni:2013. This locality is a paleontological exposure associated with th...

Cutmarks under the microscope

3 minute read

I’m trying to figure out why Science this week has a “perspective” piece on the identification of cutmarks on archaeological bone. It’s a nice brief but lack...

Cutmarked bones from Dikika critiqued

3 minute read

Manuel Dominguez-Rodrigo, writing with my University of Wisconsin colleagues Travis Pickering and Henry Bunn, has challenged the interpretation that two bovi...

Fishy story from Koobi Fora

7 minute read

I have to credit a reader for that headline, and for forwarding the paper. It’s another case of the infamous PNAS release policy. The press that came from th...

Earlier arrival of stone tools on Flores

2 minute read

A new paper is pushing back the time of initial occupation of Flores by hominins to at least 1.0 million years ago. Adam Brumm and colleagues (2010) are repo...

The spotty Acheulean

3 minute read

Scott and Gibert report in today’s Nature on the “oldest handaxes” in Europe:

Handedness in ancient hominins

1 minute read

Michael Balter writes about the work of Liverpool archaeologist Natalie Uomini, who is studying the evolution of handedness by experiment and attempting to f...

Plant processing with early Oldowan tools

4 minute read

Ann Gibbons was at the AAPA meetings early last month, and she reports in the current Science on some of the research. Her article about the use of early Old...