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Misuse of statistics

1 minute read

This essay should be required reading for graduate students: “The problem with p-values”. David Colquhoun writes extensively about science and statistics, an...

Quote: Cowgill on statistical methods

2 minute read

George Cowgill is an archaeologist with a long interest in promoting the unfortunately rare good use of statistics by archaeologists. He has a paper within t...

Link: The frequentist Bigfoot

1 minute read

Carl Zimmer connects Bigfoot with an explanation of the history of “null hypothesis” in a Nautilus essay: “Why we can’t rule out Bigfoot”. He discusses a rec...

Unraveling Fisher's mysteries

1 minute read

Haldane’s Sieve has a great post by James Lee giving context to a new preprint from him and Carson Chow: “Our paper: The causal meaning of Fishers average ef...

Dino size estimation

1 minute read

I know I’m linking a four-year-old post about dinosaurs, but I got this SV-POW post on my feed this morning and it is very relevant to those of us who think ...

"False-positive psychology"

4 minute read

Razib Khan conveys a list of suggestions from a recent paper by Joseph Simmons and colleagues Simmons:false:2011, concerned with reducing reporting biases in...

Mailbag: Statistics and future evolution

1 minute read

I was trying to find out more about recent research predicting a relative convergence of racial features in future generations (but I don't know anything abo...

Quote: Fisher defining epistasis

2 minute read

People often complain that R. A. Fisher wrote in a hard-to-read style; unnecessarily verbose and indirect. Either I don’t tend to mind, or I find that the st...

R profiled in NY Times

less than 1 minute read

If you do much statistics and haven’t worked with R, you should try it out. The NY Times profiled the software yesterday:

Bolt and Johnson as statistical outliers

less than 1 minute read

An interesting post from Justin Wolfers about statistical outliers and sprinters, referencing a New York Times story about Usain Bolt, along with a key graph...