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Quote: Colin Groves on primate species

less than 1 minute read

In 2001, the Australian zoologist Colin Groves published an essay in the journal Evolutionary Anthropology giving his perspective on classification in primat...

Quote: Darwin on human variation

2 minute read

There is much that could be said about Charles Darwin’s discussion of human races in Descent of Man. In Chapter 7 he embarked on a long discussion of whether...

Quote: ‘The modern view of species’

1 minute read

The University of Michigan has done a release for a new paper studying speciation between black and mantled howler monkeys, by Marcella Baiz and coworkers: “...

Hominin species and time in peer review

14 minute read

In 2015, two new hominin species were published: Australopithecus deyiremeda and Homo naledi. One of the criticisms I’ve seen of both discoveries is the idea...

Mailbag: The Neandertal species question

less than 1 minute read

Hello Dr. Hawks, I understand your a busy man so my question will be brief. I learned in my biology class that two different species can not interbreed and p...

Meet Australopithecus robustus

2 minute read

The region just north of Johannesburg, South Africa, is a formation of ancient limestone in which groundwater has formed numerous caves and sinkholes. Some o...


less than 1 minute read

Darren Naish has written a nice discussion of the taxonomic difficulties of Iguanodon. It’s a guest post at the Scientific American blog. Dinosaurs and homin...

Species concept overview

less than 1 minute read

John Wilkins is an expert on species concepts in biology; he has written a short piece for wide circulation on the topic which is archived at his blog: “How ...

The failures of dinosaur splitters

1 minute read

A-HA! We all lecture in our classes about the perils of naming too many species, but now the facts have been statistically proven! Well, at least for dinosau...

Weidenreich on species

less than 1 minute read

Franz Weidenreich, in his 1945 article, “The Puzzle of Pithecanthropus”:

Species concepts

10 minute read

A new population that results from a speciation event is called a species. But although species result from a simple process, recognizing species in nature ...