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Atxurra cave art discovery in Spain

less than 1 minute read

The Guardian reports on a recent cave art discovery in Spain: “Spanish archaeologists discover cave art to rival country’s best”.

Notable: Sima de los Huesos taphonomy

1 minute read

Notable paper: Sala, Nohemi, Juan-Luis Arsuaga, Ignacio Martínez and Ana Gracia-Téllez (2015) Breakage patterns in Sima de los Huesos (Atapuerca, Spain) hom...

A Neandertal mortuary in Spain?

less than 1 minute read

El Pais has a fascinating story about the Paleolithic sites in the Lozoya river valley: “A Neanderthal trove in Madrid”.

Blombos pigment workshop

3 minute read

I know that some readers are starting to wonder if I’ve forgotten about paleoanthropology lately. Let’s just say that the Neandertal and Denisova genomes hav...

Neandertal band of brothers

5 minute read

Carles Lalueza-Fox and colleagues Lalueza-Fox:patrilocal:2010 have a new analysis of the mitochondrial DNA from El Sidrón, Spain. The site has a minimum numb...

Site: Atapuerca

less than 1 minute read

Atapuerca - 53, originally uploaded by Sitomon. I like to feature Flickr Creative Commons photos that show archaeological sites. This one is from Atapue...

Just ducky

2 minute read

A week or two ago, I was pointed by a press release to some recent research from Bolomor Cave, Spain, where the levels occupied by early/pre-Neandertals have...

Sima species

less than 1 minute read

Michael Balter has a nice Science writeup of the recent Gibraltar conference, “Human Evolution 150 Years After Darwin.”

Neandertals, plants, and fish

1 minute read

I don’t read Spanish well, but I’m going to go ahead and link a news article in a Spanish journal about Neandertal diet and cooking at the Spanish site of El...

The spotty Acheulean

3 minute read

Scott and Gibert report in today’s Nature on the “oldest handaxes” in Europe:

Not a lasting last for the Neandertals

4 minute read

The latest in a long line of “last known Neandertal” sites is now Gorham’s Cave, Gibraltar. Of course, if this were actually a continuing string of “latest” ...