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Hippos in South America

2 minute read

The Washington Post has an opinion piece by Robert Gebelhoff asking the tough questions about a South American herd of African herbivores: “The great conundr...

Link: Peanut origins

less than 1 minute read

Peanuts have an interesting origin: “Modern Peanut’s Wild Cousin, Thought Extinct, Found in Andes”.

A look at early South American sites

1 minute read

Nature last week carried a great article by Barbara Fraser about the growing research into the earliest peoples of South America: “The first South Americans:...

Across the waters

1 minute read

Japanese tsunami debris has been arriving on the northwest coast of the United States, carrying exotic Asian marine species along for the ride. Earth magazin...

Heyerdahl hyperdiffusion

less than 1 minute read

Martin Rundkvist has been giving a series of lectures about pseudoarchaeologists. Today he writes about Thor Heyerdahl, setting his ideas into the mid-20th-c...

Sloth bombers

less than 1 minute read

Brian Switek notes a new study on the locomotor dynamics of sloths. I perked up when reading this passage…

Last of a tribe

less than 1 minute read

I want to pass along a story from Slate’s Monte Reel, about a modern-day Ishi in remote Brazil: “The most isolated man on the planet.”

Mailbag: Haplogroups of Peruvian mummies

1 minute read

Now that we have looked at the DNA of the Tarim Basin mummies, when is somebody going to do the same for the mummies found at Paracasa, Peru? I know that an...

Amazon structures

less than 1 minute read

More evidence of dense Precolumbian habitation of the Amazon basin: