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Civic allometry

less than 1 minute read

An interesting article from Smithsonian magazine, about the mathematical study of cities: “Life in the city is essentially one giant math problem”.

Who did what to whom

1 minute read

A confluence of stories, one from the New York Times fashion section, by Henry Alford: “A Web of Answers and Questions”, about Googling people you meet…

Dynamics of violence

2 minute read

This week’s Science is a special issue focusing on human conflict. As you might expect, the issue includes an article focusing on Steven Pinker’s book, The B...

How interestiaaang

less than 1 minute read

The Science NY Times covers the “vocal fry” trend in an article on how young women are the leading edge of linguistic change.

Spurring the growth of cities

1 minute read

Science this week has a news feature by Andrew Lawler on excavations in southern Mesopotamia looking into what may be the earliest urban developments: “Uncov...

Developing the sharing sense

10 minute read

Following on after yesterday’s post about hunter-gatherer population structure, I ended with the proposal that cooperation may be a “cognitive technology” in...

Neandertal band of brothers

5 minute read

Carles Lalueza-Fox and colleagues Lalueza-Fox:patrilocal:2010 have a new analysis of the mitochondrial DNA from El Sidrón, Spain. The site has a minimum numb...