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The two "out of Africas"

1 minute read

Another of the craniometric stories going around this week (Discovery News) proposes that early Levantine modern humans (Skhul-Qafzeh) and Pleistocene Austr...

At last, the death of the Toba bottleneck

3 minute read

It is no secret that I really don't like the hypothesis that the massive ancient eruption of Mt. Toba, Sumatra, wiped out much of the worldwide human popula...

Shell beads at three corners of Africa

6 minute read

Bouzouggar et al. (2007) report on a series of perforated Nassarius shell beads found in a layer dating to ca. 82,000 years ago in Grotte des Pigeons, Moroc...


6 minute read

OK, NEWS FLASH: "Out of Africa dispersal was not as simple as once thought."

Playing games with dates

14 minute read

Two papers in the in the current (May 13, 2005) Science and an accompanying commentary focus on the mtDNA evidence relating to human dispersals into South a...

NSF and data access

17 minute read

Mark Weiss from NSF appeared at the AAPA business meeting to discuss recent changes in the funding guidelines from the Physical Anthropology program. The mo...