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Malapa protective structure opens

1 minute read

The Gauteng Tourism Authority has a nice article about the opening of the protective structure over the paleoanthropological site of Malapa: “Malapa Structur...

A Sterkfontein visit

less than 1 minute read

After this week’s description of the new public accessibility of the Dmanisi site, a reader sends a link to a tour of Sterkfontein by The Guardian’s David Sm...

Permit problems circa 1928

3 minute read

While reading the history of paleontological excavations in the Fayum, I found many articles dealing with the area’s classical archaeology. One article, by G...

The fingerprints of fossilization

1 minute read

It’s a sign of the success of “DNA fingerprinting” that any kind of identification technique is immediatly cast in those terms (“DNA-like technique may help ...

Quote: Cuvier on fossil destruction

1 minute read

Georges Cuvier is generally remembered for the idea of “catastrophism” – but I ran across this quote (in translation) from his description of the famous opos...

Paying the price for rare fossils

1 minute read

Primate paleontologist Elwyn Simons and (many) colleagues cosigned a letter in the current Nature protesting the high price paid for the “Ida” fossil, Darwin...

Lascaux update

less than 1 minute read

According to New Scientist, human activity and prior attempts to kill the fungus have made the ecology of Lascaux similar to a hospital cooling tower.

Shanidar photo

less than 1 minute read

I stumbled across a beautiful photo of Shanidar Cave on Flickr, by James Gordon (Creative Commons license).

Numbers, Amazon-style

3 minute read

In last week’s Science, Stanislas Dehaene and colleagues describe the relation of cultural invention to “universal intuition” about mathematical logic:

Lascaux struggling with fungal invasion

2 minute read

Julien Riel-Salvatore has been following the fungus problems at Lascaux. His earlier post discusses a December NY Times article on the problem. That article...