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Link: Graeme Barker on work at Shanidar

less than 1 minute read

Nature’s Ewen Callaway interviewed Cambridge archaeologist Graeme Barker about his recent resumption of fieldwork at Shanidar, Iraq: “Archaeologists ousted b...

Tartar control and Neandertal plant use

6 minute read

Dental plaque is a biofilm made up of bacteria adhering to the enamel surface of the teeth. Plaque is soft but over many days can gradually calcify. The hard...

Neandertal CSI revisited

less than 1 minute read

Discover has put an article online that they ran in the November issue, which features Steven Churchill’s research (“Did we mate with Neanderthals, or did we...

Shanidar photo

less than 1 minute read

I stumbled across a beautiful photo of Shanidar Cave on Flickr, by James Gordon (Creative Commons license).