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Sewall Wright and migration

less than 1 minute read

DavidB at Gene Expression continues his wonderful series on Sewall Wright with a detailed post on the population genetics of migration.

Heritability review

1 minute read

Peter Visscher and colleagues present a long review paper on the concept and use of heritability in the current Nature Reviews Genetics.

Sewall Wright and the factors of evolution

7 minute read

Last year around this time, I noted that I happened to be reading Sewall Wright during a TV episode that mentioned Sewall Wright. It's not so unusual for me...

Sewall Wright on Numb3rs

1 minute read

Last year, the show had several anthro-related episodes, but this year it has been mostly network theory and the like. Until last night, when Sewall Wright ...

Epistasis and evolution

less than 1 minute read

Razib at Gene Expression has a very informative post referring to the edited volume Epistasis and the Evolutionary Process (Wolf et al. 2000). I'm posting a...