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Sequencing baby Khan

1 minute read

MIT Technology Review has an article this week about Razib Khan’s efforts to sequence his baby son in utero: “For One Baby, Life Begins with Genome Revealed”.

Baiting ancient DNA with RNA

1 minute read

A new paper by Meredith Carpenter and colleagues describes a novel method that can greatly enrich the yield of DNA from ancient samples:

Everyday genomes

1 minute read

From the Guardian, a pause to consider how ordinary complete genome analysis has become: “Genome research: discovery as an everyday event”.

A new high-coverage Neandertal genome

3 minute read

Today, Svante Pääbo’s group at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology released high-coverage sequence data from a toe bone from Denisova Cave...

Privacy of genetic research participants

1 minute read

Misha Angrist, writing in Nature News comments (“Genetic privacy needs a more nuanced approach”) on the recent study that demonstrated the possibility of fin...

Finding sequencing methods in the library

1 minute read

Jay Shendure and Erez Lieberman Aiden have a recent review in Nature Biotechnology that provides some recent data on the falling cost and increased use of ge...

Human population history makes a difference

3 minute read

Alon Keinan and Andrew Clark have a short report in the current Science examining the effects of recent human population growth on the expected spectrum of h...

Finding the scary genes

1 minute read

John Lauerman reports in BusinessWeek on his experience participating in the Personal Genome Project:

Genotyping the intro class

2 minute read

Holly Dunsworth, at the University of Rhode Island, is undertaking a unique project with her undergraduate course this semester, providing 23andMe genotyping...

The Mayflower criminal registry

1 minute read

Of some interest with respect to DNA databases and privacy concerns: “DNA links 1991 killing to Colonial-era family”.

Sequence the old, fast

1 minute read

The Archon Genomics X Prize is a $10 million contest to see what company or organization can develop a low-cost accurate sequencing technology. The AP’s Malc...

Exome sequencing as a stopgap

2 minute read

The new Genome Biology has a perspective piece by Jacob Tennessen and colleagues, titled “The promise and limitations of population exomics for human evoluti...

Delete the troubling data

1 minute read

Misha Angrist turns on the sarcasm filter for a proposal to discard raw data that may trouble research subjects (“If you want to destroy my sweater”):

Genomes too cheap to meter

7 minute read

Matthew Herper is a science and medicine contributing writer at He has just written a series of posts themed as “Gene Week”, focusing on advances...

Now for anthropological genomics

6 minute read

The first of the papers describing results from the 1000 Genomes project has been released today in Nature 1000Genomes:Nature:2010.

Deep versus wide genomes

less than 1 minute read

Remember Genome 10K? Well, here’s a new study by Michel Milinkovitch and colleagues, that points out the deficiencies of comparative data from 1X genomes:

Sequencing news

less than 1 minute read

Daniel MacArthur reports from the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meetings are full of little snippets of next-generation sequencing news; good if ...

Complete genomes

less than 1 minute read

John Timmer gives a great summary of the new paper in Science covering the Complete Genomics sequencing method.

DNA tech

less than 1 minute read

IBM joins the next-gen sequencing race:

Data warehousing in genomics interview

1 minute read

Software publisher O’Reilly is running an interview with David Dooling, data chief of the Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University: “Sequencing a ge...