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TED needs a better curator

5 minute read

As 2013 slipped beneath the waves, The Guardian ran a long excerpt of a TEDGlobal talk by Benjamin Bratton: “We need to talk about TED”. Bratton is a sociolo...

Wisdom of Mann

less than 1 minute read

Steve Mirsky caught up with Alan Mann for a recent Scientific American 60-second podcast: “Third Molars Illustrate Differential Reproduction”. The result is ...

Dark flies

less than 1 minute read

Carl Zimmer writes today about a long-term Japanese experiment to keep fruit flies in total darkness, to see how they evolve: “Fifty-seven years of darkness”.

Mailbag: Exaptation and standing variation

1 minute read

This may sound like a dumb question, but I am trying to understand the difference between selection on standing variation and the concept of exaptation. They...

Mailbag: Could autism genes be adaptive?

1 minute read

I have always wondered if autism could be an adaptive mutation. However, since I myself have autism, and specifically one of the more fortunate types of auti...

Positive selection on killer whale mtDNA

2 minute read

I’ve written about the study of selection on human mtDNA many times, and discussed the signs that Neandertal mtDNA may have disappeared because of selection.

Time to revise the mtDNA timescale?

5 minute read

Krzysztof Cyran and Marek Kimmel (2010) have presented a revised set of estimates of the human mtDNA most recent common ancestor (MRCA). It’s an interesting...

Selection incidental to laboratory life

less than 1 minute read

Olivia Judson’s column is a very useful essay on selection incidental to laboratory life for model organisms (“Laboratory Life”). She discusses fruit flies a...

R. A. Fisher's model of adaptation

10 minute read

Chapter 2 of R. A. Fisher’s Genetical Theory of Natural Selection is remarkable for many reasons. In it, he presents a model of selection in an age-structure...

Gene regulation and its evolution

7 minute read

I wrote early this week about Hopi Hoekstra’s work on pigmentation evolution in mice (“The color of mice”). The linked article focusing on this empirical wor...

Quote: Fisher on the limits of diffusion

less than 1 minute read

R. A. Fisher and Sewall Wright introduced diffusion approximation methods into genetics; Fisher (1937) was the first to consider spatial disperal using a rea...

The bad side of island life

3 minute read

It’s not news that island populations are vulnerable to invasion by alien competitors and predators. A new study by Helena Berglund and colleagues in America...

Mitochondrial DNA and sperm

5 minute read

Tuesday, I referred to mtDNA and sperm evolution. The topic was covered in some detail in a 2004 review paper by Neil Gemmell and colleagues, entitled, “Moth...