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Link: Robots in retail

1 minute read

MIT Technology Review has an interview with an exec from a company making robots for Walmart: “Walmart’s new robots are loved by staff—and ignored by custome...


2 minute read

The May issue of Discover has a transcript of a roundtable between the editor in chief, Corey Powell, and four researchers in robotics. It’s an interesting c...

Robot genetics

4 minute read

Dario Floreano and Laurent Keller describe experiments that combine genetic algorithms and robots. It’s a review essay rather than a description of new resea...

Evolving swarm bots

1 minute read

Robot swarms programmed with genetic algorithms to “evolve” their behavior:

Cybernetics and the brain-controlled robot

1 minute read

An interesting story from Popular Mechanics about progress in cybernetics, titled “Mind control stories.” It starts with the macaque controlling a robot arm ...

Robot love affairs: the dark side

1 minute read

Product design guru Donald Norman looks at this year's crop of "smart" machines in this NY Times article, and reminds us why future robot sex ain't all it's...

The future of robot love affairs

less than 1 minute read

I've been telling people this week that there is some sense to which the evolutionary future will be determined by the cultural impact of technological chan...

How to move like a vertebrate

1 minute read

Neurophilosophy has really come to life in the last few weeks. A post earlier this week described the neural circuitry that controls swimming in zebrafish, ...

Honda brings robot mental control

1 minute read

It seems clear that we have only one hope against superintelligent fearless killer mice: Robots that carry out our telepathic commands!

The robotic Lucy model

4 minute read

The BBC is running this article about a new study that evaluates the bipedality of A. afarensis using robotic design software: