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Rising Star open science profile

1 minute read

Ars Technica has a very nice long profile of the Rising Star project by Lydia Pyne: “Rising Star found a new species—now it wants to find a new way for paleo...

Lichens did not grow on Homo naledi

4 minute read

Earlier this summer, Francis Thackeray published a short paper in the South African Journal of Science suggesting that lichens had deposited manganese upon t...

A synopsis of our Homo naledi symposium

less than 1 minute read

American Scientist kindly invited me to write up a synopsis of our session on the biology of Homo naledi at the AAPA meetings in April. The article is now on...

Deliberate deposition and Homo naledi

3 minute read

Earlier this spring, the Journal of Human Evolution published a commentary questioning our team’s interpretation of taphonomic evidence from the Dinaledi Cha...

Link: Lee Berger interviewed in Nautilus

less than 1 minute read

Nautilus is running a nice interview with Lee Berger about Homo naledi and other things: “The Man Who Used Facebook to Find an Extinct Human Species”.

Anonymous sexism in paleoanthropology

8 minute read

Seems like every week, someone writes an article drawing attention to a new episode of sexism in science. Today it’s my turn to shine a light on this issue.

Link: Announcement of Homo naledi

less than 1 minute read

Last week Lee Berger and our team announced the first series of findings from the Rising Star Expedition and subsequent analyses of the hominin fossil remain...

Rising Star Workshop underway

1 minute read

A number of readers have written to ask about my two-week-long blogging hiatus. I am in Johannesburg working in the new fossil vault with the Rising Star Wor...

Rising Star: Targeted excavation this week

1 minute read

I’m not in South Africa this week but I am following closely as a small team of excavators is underground in the Rising Star site. I’ve posted the agenda for...

Johannesburg update

2 minute read

I imagine my static website for the past three weeks left many people wondering if the Science Cafe led to my untimely demise. “Who Sciences Harder” indeed!

Rising Star Expedition: Into the collection

1 minute read

Rising Star team advance scientist Elen Feuerriegel has another new post on the Rising Star Expedition blog, discussing her work with the collection after th...

Rising Star: Lee Berger tells the story

less than 1 minute read

The latest entry on the Rising Star Expedition blog is a link to the National Geographic Weekend radio show, in which Lee Berger tells the story of the disco...

Rising Star: Malapa and darkness

1 minute read

My most recent post on the Rising Star Expedition blog describes the team’s “Field Trip to Malapa”. Some context from another early hominin site:

Rising Star: What we know and don't know

less than 1 minute read

Today’s blog post on the Rising Star Expedition blog provides an FAQ about the expedition’s results so far: “What We Know and Don’t Know So Far”.

Photo: Setting planet over Rising Star

less than 1 minute read

I’ve been posting Venus pictures the last couple of months as it rises in the evening sky. I swear I had no idea I’d be working on an excavation called “Risi...

Go into Rising Star with the cavers

less than 1 minute read

I just love the work of the National Geographic blogger Andrew Howley and the filmmakers onsite. This video shows the two cavers who discovered the advance c...

Rising Star: In the hot seat

less than 1 minute read

My first Rising Star Expedition update has been posted on the expedition blog: “In the hot seat”.

Setting a course for the Rising Star

1 minute read

I will be flying to South Africa on Friday to take (an exceedingly small) part in a unique excavation just getting started in the Cradle of Humankind World H...