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Notable: Ancestry matters to ecogeography

1 minute read

Notable paper: Roseman, CC, Auerbach BM. 2015. Ecogeography, genetics, and the evolution of human body form. Journal of Human Evolution 78: 80-90. doi:10.101...

Selection and lactase persistence

3 minute read

I received a letter about lactase persistence that motivated me to a fairly long reply; I thought I would share the question and answer:

Upcoming events: Wisconsin Science Festival

1 minute read

I’ve had a very busy and interesting week at the European Society for Human Evolution meetings, and haven’t had a chance to update, and I’m on my way to Chic...

Y chronology awry

1 minute read

Dienekes links to and discusses a current paper by George Busby and colleagues Busby:peopling:2011 on the Y chromosome chronology for the settlement of Europ...

Mailbag: Could autism genes be adaptive?

1 minute read

I have always wondered if autism could be an adaptive mutation. However, since I myself have autism, and specifically one of the more fortunate types of auti...

Rats in the radiocarbon (or vice versa)

6 minute read

The story of the New Zealand rat bones is a bit deeper than the press reports (e.g., this AP report). The main idea is that the rat radiocarbon dates support...