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DNA genealogy and forensic cold cases

1 minute read

This year there have been some amazing new leads in “cold cases” by using a new kind of DNA approach, using public genealogy websites to look for people who ...

Privacy of genetic research participants

1 minute read

Misha Angrist, writing in Nature News comments (“Genetic privacy needs a more nuanced approach”) on the recent study that demonstrated the possibility of fin...

Genetics and privacy

1 minute read

“Harvard prof Henry Louis Gates Jr. hunting for great-great grandfather”

The Church of personal genomics

2 minute read

I complained mightily about the problems I had getting George Church’s essay (“The Genome Generation”). Church is the major organizer of the Personal Genome ...

Is your genome worth guarding?

3 minute read

Katrina Voss wrote in New Scientist a couple of weeks ago: “Your genome isn’t that precious – give it away”. After discussing legislative efforts to provide ...