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The genetic ancestry of modern lions

5 minute read

Marc de Manuel and coworkers have a new paper in PNAS that presents some new findings about lion population history from whole-genome sequencing. The paper h...

Ghost populations and ancient DNA

2 minute read

The rapidly changing field of ancient DNA has settled into a kind of normal science, as several teams of researchers have coalesced around a set of approache...

The Altai Neandertal

6 minute read

It is notable that we now have evidence for interbreeding among every kind of hominin we have DNA from, and some we don’t.

Hunting the Denisovan belt

7 minute read

The other day I was having a long conversation about Denisovans and human origins. My friend suggested that “Denisovans” sound like some kind of Star Trek ci...

Population structure and chimpanzee malaria

2 minute read

A new paper examines the parasite load of a group of wild chimpanzees for Plasmodium, the parasite that causes malaria DeNys:2013. Several strains of Plasmod...

ARG is the word

1 minute read

Adam Siepel has written a very useful explainer about a new preprint he has posted with Matthew Rasmussen on the arXiv preprint server: “Our Paper: Genome-wi...

Neandertal anti-defamation files, 17

2 minute read

Let no one say that I’m an uncritical voice about the many advantages of releasing preprints. They do have their downsides. Lack of editing is one.

Mailbag: North and South China

1 minute read

I read with interest your post on:

ASHG notes on Gene Expression

2 minute read

Razib Khan has started writing up his notes on this week’s conference of the American Society of Human Genetics: “Reflections on the evolution at ASHG 2012”....

The North African Neandertal descendants

4 minute read

A new paper by Federico Snchez-Quinto and colleagues reports on comparisons of North African population samples with the Neandertal DNA project data Sanchez-...

Denisova at high coverage

10 minute read

Science today has released the new paper on the Denisova high-coverage genome by Mattias Meyer and colleagues from Svante Pääbo’s group Meyer:Denisova:2012. ...

Neandertal ancestry "Iced"

7 minute read

UPDATE (2015-10-21): This post has gotten some attention from social media recently, because Ötzi has been in the news. Later analyses have made clear that o...

The H preparation

3 minute read

Razib Khan comments on the current round of Henry Louis Gates ancestry programming: “Finding fake roots”, and “Reification is alright by me! Razib notes that...

Measuring differences between populations

2 minute read

When individuals mate locally, different populations tend to diverge from each other in the frequencies of their alleles. Genetic differences between populat...

The risk gradient

1 minute read

Ann Gibbons reports Gibbons:diabetes:2011 from the International Congress of Human Genetics, on papers that examine GWAS risk alleles for type 2 diabetes: “D...

Braiding Denisovans into our ancestry

less than 1 minute read

Dalton Luther reflects on the Denisovan admixture paper Skoglund:Jakobsson:2011 that I wrote about earlier this week (“How widespread is Denisovan ancestry t...

How widespread is Denisovan ancestry today?

6 minute read

Last month, David Reich and colleagues Reich:Denisova:2011 reported on estimates of Denisovan ancestry for island and mainland Asian populations. Their most ...

Y chronology awry

1 minute read

Dienekes links to and discusses a current paper by George Busby and colleagues Busby:peopling:2011 on the Y chromosome chronology for the settlement of Europ...

Floating on the data

less than 1 minute read

Technology Review reports on a recent conference trying to spread data mining techniques. The point of departure is the growth of electronic sensor networks ...

Mailbag: Where did Neandertals come from?

1 minute read

Dr. Hawks, I greatly enjoyed your course on the rise of humans I purchased through the Teaching Company. I could not find the answer to this question: ...

A problem of fuzzy mammoths

10 minute read

Paleogenomics is changing the way we study evolution. In a number of cases, it now allows us to study extinct organisms with the same methods as we study liv...

Wolves in coyotes' clothing

1 minute read

Razib’s post on the genetics of canids (“A map of charismatic canid genomic variation”) does a nice summary of a recent paper in Genome Research, by vonHoldt...

Neandertal segments of X chromosomes

15 minute read

Last year, this Neandertal genome came out. No doubt you’ve heard about it. So maybe by now you’re wondering where the new science is that’s being done on th...

Mailbag: Y chromosome Adam

1 minute read

Hi John, I enjoy your blog very much. Ive been reading a lot recently on human origins and genetics (most recently, for example, Nicholas Wades book Before...

The Denisova genome FAQ

20 minute read

Today, a paper by David Reich and colleagues presents the nuclear genome of the Denisova pinky bone Reich:Denisova:2010. This is the second whole genome of a...

Open data genomics

less than 1 minute read

Nature this week carries a story by Ewen Callaway titled, “The rise of the genome bloggers”. The main subject is Dienekes Pontikos, whose “Dodecad Ancestry P...

Copy number variation in 1000 Genomes

5 minute read

When I wrote earlier in the week about the 1000 Genomes Project results, I mentioned that a second paper was being published in Science. That paper, by Peter...

Now for anthropological genomics

6 minute read

The first of the papers describing results from the 1000 Genomes project has been released today in Nature 1000Genomes:Nature:2010.

French Neolithic discontinuities

4 minute read

Marie-France Deguilloux and colleagues Deguilloux:2010 present a short analysis of ancient mtDNA recovered from a Neolithic burial at Prissé-la-Charrière, be...

More on chimpanzee population structure

4 minute read

A reader reminded me of a second paper on chimpanzee population structure, using a different Bayesian framework, which came out shortly after the study by Jo...

Return of the Neanderchimps

7 minute read

Back in 2005, I reviewed the first description of fossil chimpanzee teeth, from the Middle Pleistocene of the Kapthurin Formation, Kenya, dating to around 50...

Neandertal races?

7 minute read

There’s a new paper in PLoS ONE by Virginie Fabre, Silvana Condemi and Anna Degioanni, titled “Genetic evidence of geographical groups among Neanderthals.” I...

Local adaptation in population sinks

11 minute read

Different populations of humans live at markedly different densities. Human populations historically have had very different growth rates. Although Pleistoce...

Surfing and recent selection

5 minute read

Genetic Future and Gene Expression have commented today on the relative roles of selection and demography in shaping the genetic differences between populati...