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A look at the glacial lakes of Siberia

2 minute read

Many readers in North America have heard of Glacial Lake Agassiz, Glacial Lake Missoula, Glacial Lake Bonneville, and many other large bodies of water in Nor...

Carnivores and early Homo

3 minute read

Ann Gibbons reports on a recent conference investigating the interaction of climate change and Plio-Pleistocene human evolution “Where’s the beef? Early huma...

Anthropology 105, lecture 5: Hemoglobin

less than 1 minute read

In this lecture, I do a bit of a departure by discussing a body part that is microscopic: the hemoglobin molecule that carries oxygen inside of our red blood...

Rewilding Siberia

less than 1 minute read

The Associated Press ran an article last week about Sergey Zimov and his attempts to “rewild” a small corner of Siberia:

Genyornis in Australian rock art?

less than 1 minute read

Lots of cave paintings in Europe depict animals now extinct. Australian researchers have recently identified a rock painting as a depiction of the extinct th...

The Younger Dryas impact fizzle?

4 minute read

In 2007, R. B. Firestone and colleagues published evidence of an extraterrestrial impact, roughly coincident with the onset of the cold climate event known a...

Did an ice age boost human brain size?

2 minute read

What is going on? I mean, the heat this summer seems to have gotten to people’s heads. Except, it hasn’t been that hot. Heck, nothing could be hot enough for...