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The Spock lesion

7 minute read

You are the captain of a military submarine travelling underneath a large iceberg. An onboard explosion has caused you to lose most of your oxygen supply and...

Making mice see red

2 minute read

I just wrote about the alteration of a behavior pattern (decision-making) resulting from injury to the prefrontal cortex. That is the kind of functional spe...

Adult neuron migration

1 minute read

Neurophilosophy has this nice post reviewing work by Curtis and colleagues in Science. The main idea of the paper is that a neural migratory pathway in rats...

Molecular roots of plasticity

4 minute read

A Harvard Medical School press release (via Science Blog) describes a study by Majdan and Shatz in the current Nature Neuroscience:

Brain gene powers … activate!

2 minute read

A literature search for another topic brought me this article from 2004 by Suk Jin Hong and colleagues (Johns Hopkins):