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Cave bear DNA from Sima de los Huesos

4 minute read

Jesse Dabney and colleagues, including Svante Pääbo from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, report on the assembly of a complete mitocho...

Leprosy evolution in humans

4 minute read

Where did leprosy come from as a human pathogen, and how did it spread through the world? Two years ago, this new research would have merited a whole book. N...

When history gets complicated

1 minute read

Razib posts some thoughts on how the study of human migration history has gotten more and more complex during the last fifteen years.

Neandertals and bears

11 minute read

For most of their prehistory, humans were highly mobile hunter-gatherers. We can expect that Neandertals were also highly mobile, at least compared to sedent...

Neandertal races?

7 minute read

There’s a new paper in PLoS ONE by Virginie Fabre, Silvana Condemi and Anna Degioanni, titled “Genetic evidence of geographical groups among Neanderthals.” I...