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Sourdough yeasts from a genomic perspective

1 minute read

Current Biology has a fascinating paper by Frédéric Bigey and coworkers examining the genomic variation of bakery yeasts: “Evidence for Two Main Domesticatio...

Dinosaur phylogeny woes

2 minute read

This is a nice write-up by Laura Geggel of a current exchange of comments in Nature about dinosaur phylogeny: “Dino Family Tree Overturned? Not Quite, But Ch...

Link: The phylogeny of our plant foods

less than 1 minute read

The Botanist in the Kitchen takes a look at the phylogenetic relationships among some of the major plant foods in Western diets: “The Food Plant Tree of Life...

Darwin's primate phylogeny

3 minute read

I’m doing some reading and ran across a 2009 post by Brian Switek (“Darwin, Ardi and the African apes”), who touched on a little-appreciated aspect of Darwin...

Polytypism and complexity

1 minute read

Adam Van Arsdale considers whether a “bushy”, speciose phylogeny is actually evidence of evolutionary “complexity”: “Linearity and simplicity in the fossil r...

Mailbag: The hominins of our discontent

1 minute read

Re: “Taxonomy on tap”, where I reminded readers about my lack of a principled reason to continue using “hominid” instead of “hominin”.

Anthropology 105, lecture 7: Eyes

1 minute read

Out of all the lectures in the course, this was one of my favorites to put together. I return to the topic of evolutionary developmental biology, first raise...

Primate classification and phylogeny

7 minute read

Our relationship to other kinds of primates is in part reflected by the pattern of similarities and differences we share with them. This pattern of similarit...

The homoplastic apes

3 minute read

Bernard Wood and Terry Harrison have published a review paper in NatureWood:Harrison:2011, arguing that the extent of anatomical convergence among Miocene ap...

Sloth bombers

less than 1 minute read

Brian Switek notes a new study on the locomotor dynamics of sloths. I perked up when reading this passage…

Quote: Higher-level taxa

1 minute read

I ran across this passage in a book chapter by D. Tab Rasmussen, covering early catarrhine evolution. I think it captures an important point about the fossil...

Weidenreich on species

less than 1 minute read

Franz Weidenreich, in his 1945 article, “The Puzzle of Pithecanthropus”:

Coincidence or homology?

1 minute read

Remember that story from last month about how fruit flies have some kind of free will because they navigate their flight in nondeterministic directions?

Genetic discord

3 minute read

I ran across this paper from a few years ago by John Avise and DeEtte Walker, which considers the implication of reticulation-based species concepts for mt...

PhyloCode and human evolution

23 minute read

The April issue of Discover has a feature article on PhyloCode, focusing on the roles of Jacques Gauthier and Kevin de Queiroz in trying to revise the code ...


16 minute read

Speciation is the cessation of interbreeding between one animal population and all other populations with which it formerly exchanged genes. When interbreed...

Species concepts

10 minute read

A new population that results from a speciation event is called a species. But although species result from a simple process, recognizing species in nature ...


3 minute read

Defining and identifying species is one major area of research into the evolutionary process. Equally important is the study of how different species are re...