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Link parade, 2

3 minute read

Ben Phelan at Slate writes about the recent evolution of lactase persistence: “The Most Spectacular Mutation in Recent Human History”.

Postmodernists are genetic determinists?

less than 1 minute read

An article in The Awl by Russell Brandom sighs disappointedly about commercially available personal genome testing (“Everything I Didn’t Learn From Taking A ...

Data minding

1 minute read

Dan MacArthur reads the American Medical Association’s letter to the FDA about direct-to-consumer genetics testing, and doesn’t like what he sees (“American ...

Paying for personalized medicine

1 minute read

Virginia Hughes writes about the challenges on the business side of personalized medicine: “Genomics Revolution(s)”. She builds the topic up from a few peopl...

Genes and drugs

1 minute read

Nature Reviews Genetics this month has published a panel conversation between five experts on pharmacogenomics Altman:pharmacogenomics:2010. If you’re intere...

Ancestry unzipped

1 minute read

One of the incredible benefits of the open source approach to genomics is that non-practitioners have a chance to see how interpretations are built. Sometime...