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When peer review turns to trolling

less than 1 minute read

In University Affairs, environmental scientist Ryan Bullock looks at his career-worth of experience subjecting his research to peer review: “The trolls have ...

Time to publish peer referee comments?

2 minute read

A meeting at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute last week asked whether journals should start publishing the reviews they receive on papers. As reported by ...

Link: Referee troubles

less than 1 minute read

Leonid Schneider posts a fairly typically depressing story from a peer referee from Frontiers in Neuroscience. The story is basically an editor pressuring th...

Link: The origin of peer review

less than 1 minute read

Nature has an essay by Alex Csiszar recounting the first episode of peer review by the Royal Society, negotiated between William Whewell and John Lubbock on ...

Peer review under the microscope

7 minute read

The Frontiers Blog has provided a timely review of some of the new models of peer review that are being tried in different branches of scientific publishing:...

Should journals do post-pub review?

4 minute read

Nikolai Slavov recently published an opinion piece in eLife arguing the advantages of post-publication review of scientific papers: “Point of view: Making th...

On the importance of saying you’re wrong

2 minute read

Lior Pachter writes this week on his blog about the reactions and commentary around a post-publication peer review exercise he conducted on a 11-year-old pap...

Open peer review: a note from a physicist

3 minute read

I’d like to take note of this post by Sabine Hossenfelder, “Open peer review and its discontents”. She reflects on a growing cultural divide in science betwe...

Time to trash anonymous peer review?

2 minute read

This week’s Science magazine is organized on the theme of science communication. In addition to the John Bohannon “sting” operation I discussed in the last p...

Immediate publishing

1 minute read

Michael Eisen: “The Glacial Pace of Change in Scientific Publishing”.

Spreading preprints in population biology

2 minute read

Ewen Callaway reports on the increasing use of the arXiv preprint server by geneticists and biologists: “Geneticists eye the potential of arXiv”. With the ne...

Failure to replicate

1 minute read

What if you set out to replicate a series of 53 “landmark” clinical trials in cancer treatment and found you could confirm only 6 of them? If you’re C. Glenn...

Peer review in Castle Wolfenstein

less than 1 minute read

“Peer fortress: The scientific battlefield” uses first-person shooter gaming characters to put a humorous spin on scientific peer review. Six characters that...