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Ancient genomes review

2 minute read

Mark Stoneking and Johannes Krause present a review article in the current Nature Reviews Genetics Stoneking:Krause:2011 that gives an overview of the scienc...

Ancient genomes giving up their secrets

2 minute read

Last week, Nature ran a story by Ewen Callaway Callaway:Neandertal:2011 that hits the highlights of research on ancient genomes this year: “Ancient DNA revea...

The other story about the mammoth DNA

5 minute read

I got to writing about a story a couple of years ago, and then stalled out. That happens every so often – remember, most of my research-related entries are m...

The Denisova mtDNA sequence: The X-Woman

9 minute read

In this week’s copy of Nature, Johannes Krause and colleagues Krause:Denisova:2010 report on the complete mitochondrial sequence of a pinky bone from Denisov...

A genome from the mid-Holocene of Greenland

3 minute read

I was really busy meeting awesome people and making new friends in Georgia this week. So, although I got to read and think about the Greenland ancient genome...

Leprosy evolution in humans

4 minute read

Where did leprosy come from as a human pathogen, and how did it spread through the world? Two years ago, this new research would have merited a whole book. N...

A horse of a different color

4 minute read

I feel like I’ve been transported into the future to see what science will be like fifteen years from now: