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ZooMS finds more Denisovans

4 minute read

A nice news article in Nature about the “zooarchaeology by mass spectrometry”, or ZooMS work being done at Denisova Cave by Katerina Douka and coworkers: “De...

Photo: Suture

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Photo Credit: John Hawks CC-BY-NC-ND

Structure of the pelvis

1 minute read

The pelvis is a complex made of three bones: the sacrum and the left and right os coxae, also called “innominate” bones. The sacrum forms the posterior part ...

Sexual dimorphism of the pelvis

1 minute read

The pelvis is the most accurate indicator of sex in the human skeleton. Its central role in the birth process means that the pelvis has several shape differe...

Radius and ulna

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The radius and ulna are the two bones of the lower arm. Rotation of the wrist is actually accomplished by a rotation of the radius around the ulna. The radiu...


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The bone of the upper arm is called the humerus. It articulates with the scapula at the shoulder joint, and the radius and ulna at the elbow.