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Popularity of hominin species names

2 minute read

I was curious about the use of Homo ergaster over time. It seems to me that fewer and fewer paleoanthropologists have been using it over the last few years. ...

The homoplastic apes

3 minute read

Bernard Wood and Terry Harrison have published a review paper in NatureWood:Harrison:2011, arguing that the extent of anatomical convergence among Miocene ap...

Thumbs up

less than 1 minute read

Bruce Bower reports on some anatomical research from the meetings: “For ancient hominids, thumbs up on precision grip.”

Galili femoral anatomy

2 minute read

Elizabeth Culotta reports from the Vertebrate Paleontology meetings about an analysis of the hominid femur from Galili, Ethiopia.

The Orrorin identity

3 minute read

There's nothing especially surprising about the functional interpretations in Richmond and Jungers' paper about the Orrorin BAR 1002'00 femur. They conclude...

"Spacecraft all over the Pliocene"

9 minute read

Rex Dalton has a great two-page article in Nature about the bush vs. ladder dispute. It keys off of the Middle Awash Australopithecus anamensis article by Wh...

Orrorin opera

2 minute read

There's a new paper by Tim White in the "In Press" portion of Comptes Rendus Palevol, titled "Early hominid femora: The inside story". It has a short introd...

Earliest hominids :: thoughts and roundup

6 minute read

Today I lectured on the earliest hominid samples for my graduate course on australopithecines. This is the first time I have been able to give a full lectur...

Forelimbs and climbing in early hominids

3 minute read

Compared to their small body mass, the forelimbs of early hominids are both longer and more muscular than those of recent humans. The arms are shorter than ...

Bipeds at Lukeino

1 minute read

The earliest skeletal traces of bipedalism come from the fossils from Lukeino, in the Tugen Hills of western Kenya. A single isolated molar was found here i...