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The complexity of obesity

1 minute read

A moderately long read by David Berreby in Aeon magazine looks at a gaggle of theories about the causes and consequences of the worldwide epidemic of obesity...

Bake sales minus the baking

less than 1 minute read

Remember when we were going to have to hold bake sales to save the schools? Well, New York has found one way to solve that problem: “New York schools’ ban on...

The network effect

less than 1 minute read

Jonah Lehrer writes in Wired about two researchers using network theory and data mining to understand how obesity spread in the American population: “The Bud...

"We have ways of changing behavior"

less than 1 minute read

Ann Althouse points to a “chilling locution” in a Wall Street Journal story about health spending: “Nearly 10% of Health Spending Due to Obesity, Report Says”