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Chomping Chomsky

1 minute read

I ran into Deevy Bishop’s review of a recent book by Noam Chomsky and James McGilvray, titled The Science of Language: Interviews with James McGilvray.

The cultural tool

2 minute read

The Guardian interviews Daniel Everett about his new book, Language: The Cultural Tool. Which I will mention, has one of the worst covers ever. It’s like the...

Language and spandrels

7 minute read

I’m preparing a lecture on the evolution of language. This post started out as a short note about the quote below, referring to a new book by V. S. Ramachand...

Syntactic heterocomprehension

2 minute read

A few days ago, Razib pointed to a story on ScienceDaily: “Many English Speakers Cannot Understand Basic Grammar”. The underlying research is by cognitive li...