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How mice became house mice

3 minute read

A new paper from Thomas Cucchi and coworkers in Scientific Reports probes the early history of the house mouse: “Tracking the Near Eastern origins and Europe...

Milk proteins in Neolithic dental calculus

2 minute read

A new research paper by Sophy Charlton and coworkers looks at calculus on human teeth from several Neolithic-era sites in England, finding that many of the i...

Notable: Plant use in Neolithic Nubia

less than 1 minute read

Notable paper: Madella M, García-Granero JJ, Out WA, Ryan P, Usai D (2014) Microbotanical Evidence of Domestic Cereals in Africa 7000 Years Ago. PLoS ONE 9(1...

Selection and lactase persistence

3 minute read

I received a letter about lactase persistence that motivated me to a fairly long reply; I thought I would share the question and answer:

Tracing teeth troubles with fossil bacteria

1 minute read

Ed Yong has a great account today of some research from Alan Cooper’s lab on the oral microbiome in pre-agricultural and post-agricultural Europeans: “Prehis...

Cheesy evidence

1 minute read

I’m totally socked in with work this week, but this new paper in Nature is an interesting piece of archaeological chemistry relevant to diet change in the Eu...

When and where was proto-Indo-European?

5 minute read

A new study by Remco Bouckaert and colleagues attempts to place the origin of Indo-European languages by using an epidemiological population model, essential...

Neandertal ancestry "Iced"

7 minute read

UPDATE (2015-10-21): This post has gotten some attention from social media recently, because Ötzi has been in the news. Later analyses have made clear that o...

Spurring the growth of cities

1 minute read

Science this week has a news feature by Andrew Lawler on excavations in southern Mesopotamia looking into what may be the earliest urban developments: “Uncov...

Neolithic discontinuity in Hungary

less than 1 minute read

Dienekes comments on a new paper finding another strange mixture of haplotypes in Neolithic-era sample of mtDNA from central Europe (“Unexpected ancient mtDN...

Y chronology awry

1 minute read

Dienekes links to and discusses a current paper by George Busby and colleagues Busby:peopling:2011 on the Y chromosome chronology for the settlement of Europ...

The "gay caveman"

3 minute read

I am just about to go crazy today. I just can’t seem to escape the “gay caveman” story.

Neolithic milk fog

3 minute read

Razib points today to an article in Der Spiegel about the revival of folk migration as an explanation for the Neolithic in Europe. His post (“Vlkerwanderung ...

French Neolithic discontinuities

4 minute read

Marie-France Deguilloux and colleagues Deguilloux:2010 present a short analysis of ancient mtDNA recovered from a Neolithic burial at Prissé-la-Charrière, be...

Neolithic migrationism

1 minute read

Dienekes has a nice post about the relation of Neolithic Europeans, migration models, and how anthropological views of migration have changed over the last c...

Lactase persistence on the march

1 minute read

Everybody’s noticing the new article in PLoS Computational Biology about lactase persistence, which I’ve been emailed from several readers. Thanks for sendin...

A talent for causing things pain

1 minute read

Alfredo Coppa and friends have a cool short article in Nature detailing evidence for early tooth drilling in Pakistan:

More on the Neolithic mtDNA pool

less than 1 minute read

Athena of Rites of Passage has a post critiquing the recent Neolithic aDNA paper (via Palanthsci). Her take is a bit different from mine. It makes good poin...

Marco Polo, call your office

less than 1 minute read

So imagine you are digging out a pottery bowl from a 4000-year-old site, you turn it over, and out pops a bowl-shaped cast of dirt with noodles in the botto...