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The developmental obstetrical dilemma

5 minute read

Alik Huseynov and colleagues have a data-rich paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences examining age-related changes in the human pelvis:...

Notable: Selection on the human chin

2 minute read

Notable paper: Pampush, James D. (2015) Selection played a role in the evolution of the human chin. Journal of Human Evolution (in press) doi:10.1016/j.jhev...

Rapid adaptation to captivity in salmon

2 minute read

I just want to note this study by Mark Christie and colleagues Christie:salmon:2011 because it is such a clear demonstration of powerful selection working on...

Selection versus drift in Neandertal evolution

less than 1 minute read

My graduate student Marc Kissel and I are putting on a poster today at the AAPA meetings. Marc has prepared a nice PDF of the poster and we’re putting it her...

Mailbag: Holding on to ancient DNA

2 minute read

Hi, It is often claimed that ancient genes that were once very adaptable are discarded over time by drift, bottle necks etc. What if an ancient trait wer...

Dude, it's called "relaxed selection"

2 minute read

This is a doofy story running on MSNBC without an author byline: “Shrinking of Scottish sheep tied to warming”. Why do I say “doofy”? Take a look at the way ...

Quote: Elliott Sober on the force of selection

less than 1 minute read

Elliott Sober’s book, The Nature of Selection, discusses the philosophical underpinnings of evolutionary explanation in relation to other sciences. I turn to...

Mitochondrial DNA selection review

1 minute read

I was reading through an excellent review of the recent literature about mtDNA and selection, from Damian Dowling and colleagues (2008). The review focuses o...

African origins and phenotypic variance

5 minute read

I just read the new paper by Philipp Gunz and colleagues, titled, “Early modern human diversity suggests subdivided population structure and a complex out-of...

mtDNA selection in Iceland?

5 minute read

Leave it to me to have readers unwilling to ignore selection in recent populations! Here’s an e-mail:

Quote: Selection, stochasticity

2 minute read

Reading through P. A. P. Moran’s book, The Statistical Processes of Evolutionary Theory, I found this passage (p. 12):

Quote: "A noble edifice"

1 minute read

Darwin, in The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, volume 2, pp. 248-249.

Evo-devo and HACNS1

3 minute read

Science has a very important paper in the current issue about the evolution of a gene enhancer in hominids, expressed in forelimb development and concentrate...

Zimmer "flounders"

1 minute read

Carl Zimmer puts in a nice entry on the new flounder evolution paper, covering the history of the question including the debate between Darwin and Mivart abo...

Weed species (part 1)

12 minute read

This is the first in a series of essays titled, "Practical Evolution." Here are links to the whole series and the series introduction. I've decided to break ...

Evolution of the monkeyflowers

6 minute read

Spring has finally come to us here in the North, and it's time to start thinking about planting. So, when I went to a seminar yesterday by John Willis, it w...

Bees R Us

5 minute read

The PNAS Early Edition this week includes a paper by bee genome researchers Amro Zayed and Charles Whitfield. After a short review of honeybee phylogeny, th...

Tracking back to acceleranistas

4 minute read

I've had a very busy couple of days, and haven't been maintaining my reading-and-linking as much as I had hoped. So I wanted to take a few minutes to do a q...

Why human evolution accelerated

17 minute read

n. b. This is a story about my work on recent human evolution, describing some of the main results and how the work came about. The story refers to my paper ...

Human evolution has accelerated

4 minute read

The embargo has now ended on the second, and far more important paper that I mentioned the other day. It is a product of work I've been doing with Bob Moyzi...

Treat selection equally

1 minute read

Massimo Pigliucci gives a combative review of Michael Lynch's new book, The Origins of Genome Architecture. A short passage lauding the books first 12 chapt...

Looking for the balances

10 minute read

A nice paper from last August by K. L. Bubb and colleagues went looking for new balanced polymorphisms in the human genome. They didn't find any.

Choose altruism

6 minute read

Reading Yann Klementidis today, I caught a reference to a paper by Traulsen and Nowak in PNAS, titled "Evolution of cooperation by multilevel selection." Th...

Has the dam broken on mtDNA selection?

4 minute read

The current Science has a paper by Eric Bazin and colleagues comparing mtDNA diversity with population size, history and ecology of 3000 animal species.

Drifting away from selection

2 minute read

Following up on yesterday's post on annoying misconceptions, I noticed Razib had posted his own candidate:

Variation in NAT1 and NAT2

6 minute read

There's a new paper in AJHG by Patin and colleagues, which is just chock full of interesting stuff. The genes studied are NAT1 and NAT2, called "N-acetyltra...

Genome-wide selection in humans

8 minute read

I spent like a half-hour looking for this paper this morning, which I didn't take notes on when it came out. I don't know if Nature is blocking Google Schol...

Drift, selection, and history

5 minute read

Now that we're in an age where natural selection on functional genes is recognized to have occurred in historic time, stories like last week's paper on the ...

How much sex selection is there?

3 minute read

I discuss biotechnology and society in my genetics course, and today I wandered across this working paper discussing sex control of offspring, including sel...

Kreitman on human mtDNA selection

4 minute read

This is an old paper that I ran across today, a review of tests of selection with application to humans. Martin Kreitman is well known as a specialist in th...

Diet and mtDNA selection

2 minute read

Lowell and Shulman (2005) report on the possible links between the metabolic defects underlying type 2 diabetes and mitochondrial dysfunction. These links g...

The probability of parallel evolution

2 minute read

Orr (2005) considers the likelihood of the same mutants being fixed in two populations as a function of parallel selection, compared to drift. The model use...

How much selection does it take?

13 minute read

I was involved in a discussion this weekend that I think reveals much about the current state of evolutionary genomics. The forum was the "Neanderthals Rev...