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Is Dryopithecus an ancient gorilla?

4 minute read

I pass along with little comment this New Scientist article in which David Begun is claiming that the fossil ape Dryopithecus may actually be an extinct memb...

Link: Minutes of the mutation rate meeting

less than 1 minute read

Iain Mathieson shares his notes on a recent meeting of scientists investigating mutation rate estimation in humans: “The human mutation rate meeting”.

Space radiation

less than 1 minute read

Maggie Koerth-Baker, on “How space radiation hurts astronauts”. I did not know about this part:

Recent evolution of coding variants

6 minute read

How did I get myself quoted in a story as the skeptic about recent human evolution? (“Human Evolution Enters an Exciting New Phase”). After all, I’ve been a ...

A longer timescale for human evolution

7 minute read

During the last few years, the best estimates of the human single nucleotide mutation rate have been cut in half. Until recently, estimates of mutation rate ...

Recombination in chimpanzees

1 minute read

Adam Auton and colleagues Auton:2012 sequenced a panel of chimpanzees to examine recombination in that species, thereby constructing a chimp-specific genetic...

Eye pigmentation and allele frequencies

3 minute read

Eye pigmentation in humans varies along a spectrum of colors from dark brown, through lighter brown, hazel, and green, to light blue. These differences are c...

What is the human mutation rate?

17 minute read

Last spring I wrote about a study that used whole-genome comparisons between parents and offspring to estimate the rate of per-genome mutation in humans (“A ...