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Skeletons from the Himalayan lake

5 minute read

Yesterday a fascinating story came out in Nature Communications about the skeletons of Roopkund Lake, in northern India: “Ancient DNA from the skeletons of R...

The H preparation

3 minute read

Razib Khan comments on the current round of Henry Louis Gates ancestry programming: “Finding fake roots”, and “Reification is alright by me! Razib notes that...

Neolithic discontinuity in Hungary

less than 1 minute read

Dienekes comments on a new paper finding another strange mixture of haplotypes in Neolithic-era sample of mtDNA from central Europe (“Unexpected ancient mtDN...

The sign of four

1 minute read

Gene Expression this morning is worth some thought, a post about the mtDNA of Andaman Islanders and their connections to mainland Asian populations. “Present...

Neolithic milk fog

3 minute read

Razib points today to an article in Der Spiegel about the revival of folk migration as an explanation for the Neolithic in Europe. His post (“Vlkerwanderung ...

French Neolithic discontinuities

4 minute read

Marie-France Deguilloux and colleagues Deguilloux:2010 present a short analysis of ancient mtDNA recovered from a Neolithic burial at Prissé-la-Charrière, be...

Time to revise the mtDNA timescale?

5 minute read

Krzysztof Cyran and Marek Kimmel (2010) have presented a revised set of estimates of the human mtDNA most recent common ancestor (MRCA). It’s an interesting...

The other story about the mammoth DNA

5 minute read

I got to writing about a story a couple of years ago, and then stalled out. That happens every so often – remember, most of my research-related entries are m...

Genetics and archaeology, 2

8 minute read

I’ve just received the book, Climate Change in Prehistory: The End of the Reign of Chaos, by William Burroughs. I’ll be reading it and reviewing it during th...

SNPs and culture history

less than 1 minute read

Razib lists a taxonomy of culture-gene historical scenarios. Real worked examples for several of these would be worthwhile.

Genes and archaeology

4 minute read

Current Biology has released a special issue titled “Global genetic history of Homo sapiens”. There is much of interest in this issue, with seven papers, mos...

The Finnish line

1 minute read

A new paper by Jukka Palo and colleagues investigates the population history of Finland:

When history gets complicated

1 minute read

Razib posts some thoughts on how the study of human migration history has gotten more and more complex during the last fifteen years.

Neandertals and bears

11 minute read

For most of their prehistory, humans were highly mobile hunter-gatherers. We can expect that Neandertals were also highly mobile, at least compared to sedent...