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MOOCs after five years

3 minute read

Five years ago, I was just starting to prepare a massive open online course (MOOC). That course development would be an 18-month adventure for me.

A perspective on MOOCs as experimentation

2 minute read

I’ve been meaning to comment on this piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education about MOOCs, by Kevin Werbach: “Dont Call Us Rock Stars”. Werbach has been te...

Textbook troubles

1 minute read

A link from a reader: “‘Required reading’: As textbook prices soar, students try to cope”.

MOOC international enrollment numbers

1 minute read

I just got the first round of statistics on students enrolled in my upcoming MOOC, Human Evolution Past and Future. These date to a few months ago, so don’t ...

How a MOOC can affect the classroom

1 minute read

Duke University evolutionary biologist Mohamed Noor reflects on the way that teaching a MOOC has changed his classroom teaching: “The classroom experience re...

MOOCs and disabilities

1 minute read

The Coursera blog today relates a remarkable story: “Not Impossible: The Story of Daniel, a 17 Year Old with Severe Autism & His 6 Completed Coursera Cou...

My open letter to SJSU Philosophy

9 minute read

On Thursday, the Philosophy department of San José State University released an open letter to Michael Sandel, instructor of a Harvard edX MOOC. I reacted to...

Lessons in social justice from MOOCs

1 minute read

The Philosophy department at San Jose State University have written an open letter to Michael Sandel, a Harvard teacher of government and lauded lecturer. Wh...

Paleofuture radio MOOCs

1 minute read

The Chronicle of Higher Ed takes us to a time in the past, when massive radio correspondence courses were the wave of the future, including at my alma mater,...

Paths through MOOCs

2 minute read

I’ve been doing a lot of tracking of massive open online courses, including enrolling in several of them, as research for my upcoming course, “Human Evolutio...

Are MOOCs technical or practical?

1 minute read

All the NY Times columnists will be writing about MOOCs before long, I suspect. Today it was David Brooks’ turn: “The Practical University”. His argument is ...

California's online imposition

less than 1 minute read

This is big education news, from the California legislature: “Measure Seeks Campus Credit For Web Study”.

Binge learning

1 minute read

From Eli Dourado at The mlaut: “Binge Learning is Online Educations Killer App”.

"Average is over"

1 minute read

Today’s Thomas Friedman column notes the growing craze at major universities for massively open online courses, or MOOCs: “The Professors Big Stage”.

MOOC conversations

less than 1 minute read

An article on the way MOOCs are (or may be) changing university priorities: “What MOOCs Will, Wont, and Might Do”.

Notes from the learning revolution

1 minute read

My University of Wisconsin colleague Kris Olds has been writing about the international dimensions of massively open online courses (MOOCs). A recent entry (...

The importance of rare variants

less than 1 minute read

I was reading an article on massive open online courses (MOOCs) (“MOOCs Assessed, Modestly”), and struck by the final quote: