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Link: Sandpile dynamics explained

1 minute read

My UW-Madison mathematics colleague Jordan Ellenberg has an interesting feature in Nautilus that describes a simple model capable of generating very complex ...

The Neandertal fraction

3 minute read

I’ve gotten the same question a few times, and have seen it elsewhere, so I thought it would be worth a short post to explain it. And for those readers who’v...

Simulations bubbling like a stew

1 minute read

Peter Turchin writes very effectively about quantitative modeling and analytical methods in biology. So every so often I like to post an illuminative quote. ...

Neandertal races?

7 minute read

There’s a new paper in PLoS ONE by Virginie Fabre, Silvana Condemi and Anna Degioanni, titled “Genetic evidence of geographical groups among Neanderthals.” I...

Perils of modeling

1 minute read

You’re not coming here for economic analysis, but I found this Wired article on quants, risk, and the financial crisis useful:

Gene-culture models and reductionism

2 minute read

In the random corners of Google, I was led to a short 2004 letter in American Anthropologist by Daniel Wildcat, Irena Sumi and Vine Deloria, Jr. I found this...

The utility of theoretical models

3 minute read

I’m reading through Peter Turchin’s 1998 book, Quantitative Analysis of Movement, for a project I’m working on. I found that his second chapter gives a very ...