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The diet of Gigantopithecus

5 minute read

Gigantopithecus has often been described as a bamboo eater, based on analogy with another kind of large herbivore in China, the giant panda. Giant pandas hav...

Meet Gigantopithecus

1 minute read

Gigantopithecus blacki was, as its name implies, a gigantic ape from the Pleistocene of China. Its remains consist only of teeth and jaws, but these are of a...

The homoplastic apes

3 minute read

Bernard Wood and Terry Harrison have published a review paper in NatureWood:Harrison:2011, arguing that the extent of anatomical convergence among Miocene ap...

Miocene ape review, in brief

2 minute read

Science has a short essay by Terry Harrison this week about Miocene ape evolution: “Apes among the tangled branches of human origins.”