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Double the migrations, double the fun

1 minute read

Several news stories have reported on an article by Ugo Perego and colleagues, titled “Distinctive Paleo-Indian Migration Routes from Beringia Marked by Two ...

Quote: Dating the Y

less than 1 minute read

Dienekes comments on a new paper that attempts to estimate the age of a Y chromosomal clade:

Darwin, languages, and genetics

4 minute read

How are languages and genes related to each other? Anthropology is an interdiscipinary subject, and this is probably the topic that pushes that envelope the ...

Timing Y-chromosome STR evolution

less than 1 minute read

Dienekes details his argument for why date estimates based on Y-chromosome STRs are overestimated. I’d like to see him publish it!

2 minute read

Garrett Hellenthal and colleagues (2008)

The Templeton review

1 minute read

The Yearbook of Physical Anthropology has a new review of the genetic evidence for modern human origins by Alan Templeton. The paper is 27 journal pages, an...

Zimmer on Templeton

less than 1 minute read

Carl Zimmer has a post discussing Alan Templeton's work. It's a good review, covering Templeton's two essential points: history cannot be traced from any si...

More on the Neolithic mtDNA pool

less than 1 minute read

Athena of Rites of Passage has a post critiquing the recent Neolithic aDNA paper (via Palanthsci). Her take is a bit different from mine. It makes good poin...

The Multiregional Stipulation Society

5 minute read

This morning a good friend wrote me to ask about the "multiregional stipulation of random mating and constant population size." What an odd thing for anyone...