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Neandertal stone circles at Bruniquel Cave

9 minute read

I want to reflect for a moment on the first passage in the recent paper by Jacques Jaubert and colleagues (2016). The paper describes a series of circular st...

Returning to the pollen of Shanidar

3 minute read

Marta Fiacconi and Chris Hunt have undertaken an analysis of pollen samples from the surface of the sediments of Shanidar Cave, Iraq.

Notable: Ballistic study of hafted points

1 minute read

Notable paper: Wilkins J, Schoville BJ, Brown KS (2014) An Experimental Investigation of the Functional Hypothesis and Evolutionary Advantage of Stone-Tipped...

Notable: The cranial injury of Qafzeh 11

1 minute read

Notable paper: Coqueugniot H, Dutour O, Arensburg B, Duday H, Vandermeersch B, Tillier, A-M. (2014) Earliest Cranio-Encephalic Trauma from the Levantine Midd...

Photo: Qafzeh 11 and Qafzeh 9

less than 1 minute read

This week I’ve been at the Vienna Natural History Museum to do some work. It’s one of the great museums of the world, and they have a new human evolution exh...

LRJ as a transitional industry

2 minute read

I was reading this morning an interesting paper from last year by Damien Flas Flas:2011, who considered the context of archaeological assemblages grouped as ...

Reindeer hides and Neandertals

1 minute read

In reference to the post below about Quina Mousterian and reindeer specialization (“Paleoclimate and shifting Neandertal strategies”), let me add this great ...

Neandertal band of brothers

5 minute read

Carles Lalueza-Fox and colleagues Lalueza-Fox:patrilocal:2010 have a new analysis of the mitochondrial DNA from El Sidrón, Spain. The site has a minimum numb...

The Neandertals of Mount Doom

12 minute read

Well, I already snarked on the science headlines that have been claiming volcanoes “wiped out” the Neandertals. Some variation of this story, swapping in a d...

Crete again, again, again

less than 1 minute read

Julien Riel-Salvatore has written more about the supposed Middle Paleolithic-age stone tools from Crete: “The final (?) word on those handaxes from Crete”.


less than 1 minute read

Today’s sketchbook:

The Darra-i-Kur temporal bone

4 minute read

Wouldn’t it be fun to compile a list of skeletal specimens that might prove interesting for DNA analysis? Near the top of my list is the only Middle Paleolit...

Crete again

2 minute read

I wrote about Crete twice last month (“Crete: Pleistocene port of call?”, “More tools from Crete”). Now John Noble Wilford writes about Strasser and Panagopo...

More tools from Crete

3 minute read

After last weekend’s post about Thomas Strasser’s work on Crete (“Crete: Pleistocene port of call?”), I’ve heard from a reader who forwarded some earlier rep...

Crete: Pleistocene port of call?

1 minute read

Bruce Bower reports on excavations by Thomas Strasser on the Mediterranean island of Crete: “Ancient hominids may have been seafarers”.

Just ducky

2 minute read

A week or two ago, I was pointed by a press release to some recent research from Bolomor Cave, Spain, where the levels occupied by early/pre-Neandertals have...

Neandertals, plants, and fish

1 minute read

I don’t read Spanish well, but I’m going to go ahead and link a news article in a Spanish journal about Neandertal diet and cooking at the Spanish site of El...

Early ochre mining in Southern Africa

4 minute read

I was reading back through Bednarik's "Concept-mediated marking in the Lower Palaeolithic," for some background on the ochre-shellfish post, and I ran acros...

At last, the death of the Toba bottleneck

3 minute read

It is no secret that I really don't like the hypothesis that the massive ancient eruption of Mt. Toba, Sumatra, wiped out much of the worldwide human popula...

Shell beads at three corners of Africa

6 minute read

Bouzouggar et al. (2007) report on a series of perforated Nassarius shell beads found in a layer dating to ca. 82,000 years ago in Grotte des Pigeons, Moroc...

Origami chaine operatoire

5 minute read

The New Yorker has a nice profile of origami artist (and physicist) Robert J. Lang. My print edition of Discover had a profile of Lang earlier this year, wh...

MSA projectile weapons

5 minute read

Brooks and colleagues (2005) describe evidence for distance weaponry from late MSA contexts in eastern and southern Africa. They discuss the size of points ...

Eemian subsistence patterns

2 minute read

Gaudzinski (2004) reviewed evidence from four sites from the German Eemian, to see what conclusions could be drawn about Neandertal subsistence. The interes...

Trade in MSA Africa

2 minute read

I was looking through some MSA literature, and ran across a paper earlier this year by Negash and Shackley (2006) concerning long-distance movement of obsid...

A Neandertal structure

1 minute read

After the press report earlier this week about Eemian Neandertals hunting elephants in France, we now have a story from Der Spiegel (German) about a Neander...

About those holes…

less than 1 minute read

We checked the Krapina mollusc shells for holes, since they are here and all. No holes. But most of them probably come from the earlier levels before human ...

And then there was Levallois

7 minute read

Noble and Davidson (1996:200-201) have a great passage on the lack of relevance of the Levallois technique to interpreting ancient cognition. It has an atte...