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Taking a blender to the skin

2 minute read

A new paper by Alban Mathieu and colleagues looked at the functional pathways represented by the metagenomes of microbial communities living on the skin of t...

Population gut metagenomics

less than 1 minute read

The new research by Tanya Yatsunenko and colleagues examining gut microbiomes in different human populations is just incredibly cool work Yatsunenko:2012. I ...

Scanning the ape fecome

1 minute read

Donald McNeil, Jr., has written up some background detail about last week’s story that falciparum malaria came from gorillas: “A finding on malaria comes fro...

Microbial extinction

less than 1 minute read

Scientific American asks: “What happens when the microbes that keep us healthy disappear?”


less than 1 minute read

“Necklaces reveal early man’s intelligence”– Norman Hammond of the Times (UK) reports on possible Acheulean drilled fossil sponges.

Neandertal, other ancient DNA review

1 minute read

Last week, a short article in Science by Rachel Mackelprang and Edward Rubin discussed some of the recent advances in ancient DNA extraction. Of most interes...

Probing for the alien within

1 minute read

Laura MacConaill and Matthew Meyerson present a cool short review in Nature Genetics of metagenomics applications in pathogen discovery.

Poincaré pusillanimy

less than 1 minute read

So Science named the Poincaré conjecture proof as the "breakthrough of the year." I got my year-end Discover a couple of weeks ago, and they said thi...

How your metagenome makes you fat

4 minute read

This week's Nature is largely about the association of gut biota with body mass in humans, with two papers and a commentary on the subject. Both papers are ...

Neandertal genome FAQ

26 minute read

With the release of the initial two papers describing chromosomal DNA sequences from a Neandertal, I thought I would put together some frequently asked ques...

DOE genomics

less than 1 minute read

Linked on Evolgen, I found this post from Nobel Intent that gives a quick summary of reasons the U.S. Department of Energy is in the genomics business. It's...

Quote of the day

less than 1 minute read

Metagenomics maven Eddy Rubin, on grinding up some more Neandertals, in Wired:

Cave bear genomics

8 minute read

A new article on the epub area of Science, by James Noonan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) describes the recovery of nuclear DNA sequences from cave...