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1 minute read

Brian Switek reports on a study that investigated bony features correlated with lung morphology in birds and crocodiles, to see how much dinosaur lungs resem...

Dilemma of the obstetrical dilemma

3 minute read

During the past few years, anthropologists have been questioning the long-held idea that human birth is uniquely risky for mothers and infants because of the...

Anthropology 105, lecture 13: Milk

less than 1 minute read

Technical issues caused me to miss lecture 12, which was about metaphyses and the growth of the skeleton, as cues for life history evolution.

Positive selection on killer whale mtDNA

2 minute read

I’ve written about the study of selection on human mtDNA many times, and discussed the signs that Neandertal mtDNA may have disappeared because of selection.