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The bison bone bed at Gran Dolina

4 minute read

In an earlier post, I looked at work by Mark White, Paul Pettitt, and Danielle Schreve, which considered evidence for Neandertal prey selectivity at five sit...

Neandertal slaughters

6 minute read

Back in 2016, Mark White, Paul Pettitt and Danielle Schreve published an interesting analysis in which they compared how Neandertals hunted and butchered ani...

Slow cooking Neandertal subsistence

6 minute read

During the past couple of years, new evidence has really shifted our view of Neandertal diet. Even three years ago, it was not unusual to hear Neandertals de...

Panda gestion

less than 1 minute read

Here’s a story that showed up in my feed this morning: “Prehistoric man ate panda, claims scientist”.