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Interview with Lee Berger

less than 1 minute read

As many readers know, I recently offered a massive open online course (MOOC), titled “Human Evolution Past and Future”. The course included video interviews ...

Malapa protective structure opens

1 minute read

The Gauteng Tourism Authority has a nice article about the opening of the protective structure over the paleoanthropological site of Malapa: “Malapa Structur...

Rising Star: Malapa and darkness

1 minute read

My most recent post on the Rising Star Expedition blog describes the team’s “Field Trip to Malapa”. Some context from another early hominin site:

Update, March 2013

less than 1 minute read

We want to thank everyone who has assisted with the project. If you’re just arriving here, welcome!

Drilling past the feathers

1 minute read

An article by Veronique Greenwood covers the discovery of feathers on a North American dinosaur: “Paleontologists Uncover the First Feathered Dinosaur Fossil...

Malapa conversation on NPR

1 minute read

The “Science Friday” NPR show with Ira Flatow did an interview with Lee Berger and Bernard Wood yesterday about Australopithecus sediba. The transcript is no...

Synchotron illustration

less than 1 minute read

In the supplement of Kristian Carlson and colleagues’ paper on the MH1 endocast Carlson:Malapa:2011, there’s a nice comparison of the medical CT versus synch...

The Malapa Soft Tissue Project FAQ

8 minute read

These are a few of the questions that I think are essential to understand our aims with the project and how we expect it will unfold. The future depends on w...

Announcing the Malapa Soft Tissue Project

5 minute read

I am pleased to announce a new open science initiative, focused on a discovery that is unique in paleoanthropology. Together we are going to find out if the ...

A visit to Malapa

4 minute read

I’m visiting at the Institute for Human Evolution at the University of Witwatersrand this week. Lee Berger has been a really wonderful host and among other t...

Malapa MH 1 fossil given nickname

less than 1 minute read

They held a contest for schoolchildren to give a nickname to the new MH 1 skeleton, and now they’ve made a choice:

Malapa and the "problem" skull KNM-ER 1813

6 minute read

The announcement of the Malapa skeletons has many of us going back to descriptions of early Homo. After the paper by Berger and colleagues came out last mont...

Shrinking erectus

6 minute read

Ann Gibbons reports on the AAPA meetings with a story about all the Homo erectus pelvis and stature papers (“Human ancestor caught in the midst of a makeover...

Malapa synchotronic

1 minute read

More on the scanning of the MH1 skull in this press release: “First studies of fossil of new human ancestor take place at the European Synchrotron”

Malapa news

less than 1 minute read

A story about Malapa in the Times of South Africa gives just a few more details about the discovery of the infant remains near the two reported skeletons: “B...

Malapa pictures

less than 1 minute read

National Geographic, as you might expect, has some nice pictures of the MH1 skull in a news story: “Pictures: New human ancestor fossils found”. There’s one ...

Malapa embargo story

less than 1 minute read

Ivan Oransky writes “Embargo Watch”, which reports on issues related to journal embargoes and science reporting. His story about the Malapa embargo “break” l...

Malapa surfacing

less than 1 minute read

Richard Gray of The Telegraph has a story about the upcoming Malapa hominin announcement: “Missing link between man and apes found”